Lots of things happening…

I was doing JSF/RichFaces training in Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI last week. I got to experience a decent snow storm. I was glad to be back in California. Today I’m flying to Orlando, to JBossWorld conference. No snow there.

Very exciting news are coming out of Exadel this week. First, we have released Exadel dVision - rich Internet application that enables access to vital enterprise data from disperate sources.

Another product we just released is Exadel Flamingo. Flamingo allows to build rich user interfaces with Flex on top of JBoss Seam, basically glues Flex and JBoss Seam. People use JSF as the UI technology on top of Seam. Today you can use Flex as easily.

Just quick announcements, I will be blogging more on both products soon.

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