1-day RichFaces workshop in Vienna and discount

I will be teaching 1-day RichFaces workshop in Vienna, Austria during JSFDays 09. If you want to learn RichFaces in just one day, this is the place to be. If you email me (max at exadel dot com) I will give 34% discount for this workshop (conference fee is separate).


This workshop will introduce you to RichFaces by covering the most important features, concepts and tags. We will start with concepts (sending AJAX request, partial page rendering, partial processing) and then move on to a4j: tag library, rich: tag library and skins. Attendees will learn all the important concepts and features they need to know to start developing with RichFaces.


  1. Start with hands-on application that covers most of the concepts
  2. RichFaces concepts
    1. Sending an AJAX request
    2. Partial page rendering
    3. Partial server processing
    4. JavaScript interactions
    5. Controlling traffic
  3. a4j:tags
  4. rich: tags
  5. Skins

Don’t forget to bring your laptop. All software will be installed at beginning of workshop.

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