CITYTECH: enterprise application with JavaFX, Seam, and Exadel Flamingo

Great post by John Kraus from CITYTECH on how they used Exadel Flamingo to connect rich JavaFX UI to their existing Seam application. It’s good to see JavaFX slowly penetrating the enterprise. And with Flamingo, it becomes even simpler. Companies can leverage their existing services and easily connect them to JavaFX rich UI as CITYTECH did.

There are a number of interesting new features in Flamingo. There is now server-side push and off-line applications for JavaFX. There is also a connector for Google’s Android platform. I’m planning to blog about these technologies and more very soon. As for JavaFX tooling, we have been working on JavaFX plug-in for Eclipse. Try it out. The plug-in is going to be open source any day now.

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