Exadel Flamingo now supports CDI and Bean Validation for JavaFX

Exadel Flamingo now has support for CDI (JSR299) and Bean Validation (JSR303). You can try the features from a nightly build.

The following features are supported so far:

  • Calling CDI bean methods
  • Support for EL (Expression Language). Bind to values and invoke methods with EL in JavaFX
  • CDI conversations
  • Bean Validation (JSR303)

To download a nightly build, go to http://exadel.org/flamingo and click on Nightly builds on the right.

To get started with JavaFX and CDI/Bean Validation, you can look at these examples as reference. The client side code is the same, the only difference is instead of Seam components, you now use CDI beans on the server (and the appropriate annotations).

We are also planning to add CDI events. If there is anything else we should add, please let us know.

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