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It’s Out: Tiggzi App Builder Created With HTML5 and JavaScript (beta)

I personally have been waiting for this moment for the past couple of months. The (first) beta version of Tiggzi new HTML5/JavaScript mobile app builder is out. The builder is created entirely with HTML5/JavaScript (no more Flash!). As I blogged before, this is super exciting because it’s the first cloud-based tool built with HTML5/JS that allows you to build real HTML5, Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7, and Windows 8 apps. You get visual, drag-and-drop UI tools, but still have the option to write any JavaScript. You can connect to any 3rd party REST API, instantly add a mobile backend, test the app, and finally export the app as HTML5 or build for Android, or iOS. Tiggzi is emerging as the most powerful cloud-based app platform = app builder + APIs + backend services.

Do keep in mind, it is still a beta (early beta) so some features will not work or not yet implemented (from the Flash builder). But do give it a try (there is always the Free plan) and let us know what you think, we really want to hear your feedback.

To create an app in the new builder, click Create more options:

Then check Open in new (beta) app builder option:

New builder welcome page:

Visual designer in the new builder:

Also, do keep in mind:

  • Any already existing projects will only open in the current Flash builder.
  • Any new projects, once created in the new builder, will only open in the new builder.

Tiggzi App Platform at Mobile Camp Los Angeles, October 18

Mobile Camp Los Angeles on October 18 is a super awesome event in Los Angeles area. It’s a one day event organized by user groups in the Los Angeles area and is packed with amazing speakers and sessions.

I will be there, and will be doing a talk on cloud-based Tiggzi app platform. I will show how to build a real HTML5 mobile app connected 3rd party REST APIs, plus mobile backend services. Attendees will be able to test the app as it’s being built!

Register for this event.

Tiggzi Mobile App Platform at AT&T Aspire Mobile App Hackathon in New York City

Tiggzi mobile app platform will be at the AT&T Aspire Mobile App Hackathon in New York City, October 11-12.

This special edition of AT&T Mobile App Hackathon, an event produced by the AT&T Developer Program and AT&T Aspire in coordination with NYC Digital and the Mayor’s Interagency Task Force on Truancy, Chronic Absenteeism & School Engagement, is focused on building the next great app to help combat truancy. Attendees are encouraged to come regardless of whether they already have a team to work with or nothing other than a great idea. Our hackathon will introduce you to the latest cutting edge tools to help deploy your own app with a website backend, fully hosted in the cloud.

AT&T hackathons are awesome events. Sign up, have fun and build a cool mobile app. With Tiggzi, you will be able to build your app even faster. Anyone who wants to use Tiggzi will get 2 months Pro plan. We’ll have prizes as well. 1st place – 12 months Pro plan, 2nd and 3rd places – 6 months Pro plans.

Tiggzi Mobile Platform: App Builder + APIs + Backend Services

Tiggzi mobile app platform:

App Builder

Visual UI builder running in the browser (think cloud IDE).

HTML5, JS, CSS, jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap

That app that you build in Tiggzi is an HTML5/jQuery Mobile app. You can also easily use PhoneGap API to access device features and package (build) the app for Android, and iOS.

3rd party REST API services

Quickly use any 3rd party REST API in your app. Tiggzi alos provides plug-ins (pre-packaged API services and pages) to make it even faster to add functionality to an app.

Backend services

Tiggzi Backend Services provides a cloud database for storing app data. The database comes with User management, File Management and a very awesome web console. There is also HTML5 app hosting. We are working on Push, Serveri-side code, and Analytics features.

Tiggzi Mobile Platform at JavaOne 2012

I have two talks at JavaOne this year. One is a BOF and one is a general conference session. I won’t be showing any slides, in both sessions I will show how to build a real mobile app connected to cloud REST APIs. Everyone will be able to test the app. Hope to see you there.

Building Mobile Apps with HTML5 and Java (BOF)
Tuesday, Oct 2, 4:30 PM – 5:15 PM – Parc 55 – Mission
The next evolution of client/server applications has emerged: a thin client including HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS is connected via REST to a Java back end in the cloud. In this interactive session, attendees will learn how to build a real HTML5 mobile app connected to a Java back end deployed in the cloud via REST and JAX-RS.

Building HTML5 Mobile Apps with Cloud Services (Conference session)
Wednesday, Oct 3, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM – Hilton San Francisco – Golden Gate 3/4/5
Mobile app development is moving toward a client/cloud paradigm, including a thin client built with HTML5 plus PhoneGap or Java for accessing native device features and connected to cloud services via REST APIs. In this interactive session, attendees will learn how to build an HTML5 mobile app with REST APIs, using the Tiggzi cloud-based mobile app builder, and then package it as a Java mobile app for iOS. Attendees will be able to test the app as it is being built.

Tiggzi Cloud-based App Platform Upgrades to Use PhoneGap 2.0, Plus Cloud Build

This week Tiggzi app platform upgraded to use PhoneGap 2.0. This means that every existing and new app will now use the PhoneGap version 2.0.

Not only can you use PhoneGap API when building an app, but you can also use Tiggzi to build Android and iOS apps with a single click:

Tiggzi at Bootstrap Week – Lectures for Mobile Devs

Bootstrap Week is one week in a month were a bunch of really cool companies and services give presentations and provide help on everything mobile related. Definitely check it out, you will find a lot of interesting stuff.

Tiggzi is part of the Bootstrap Week. The Tiggzi session is on Tue, Sep 11, 2012 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM PDT. Use this link to sign up for the Tiggzi session directly.

You will learn the following:

  • Building mobile UI with HTML5/jQuery Mobile, using cloud-based app builder
  • Connecting to 3rd party REST API service
  • Using a cloud database for storing app data
  • The new database integration in Tiggzi app builder feature

Hope to see you there.